Woodstock in a box, literally

Celebrate Woodstock 50th Anniversary

Join us from Thursday August 15th through Sunday August 18th as we look back at the iconic festival that changed music forever. Catch testimonials from EXT listeners who were there, and hear live cuts from the festival, some that have never been heard before.

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Karen Bronson

Happy birthday, Karen!  Or should I say, Happy Birthday on August 15th!  Karen got to celebrate her 18th birthday at the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Festival.  Karen, along with a number of camp counselors from Camp St. Vincent de Paul’s in Monticello, New York, hopped on a bus and travelled as far as they could to Woodstock, before traffic refused to let them go further.

Mary Scholz at WEXT

Philadelphia singer-songwriter, Mary Scholz makes California her home. Her latest full length record is all about the journey westward to make California her new home.  She's been out touring and continuing to create great songs. She delivers her latest, and a brand new song that will come out soon.

We talk about the meaning of life, in a way, and the importance of women in our society, and in our lives.

Mike Grutka at WEXT

Local 518 singer songwriter, Mike Grutka dropped by to play us his new songs, and to cover a treasured gem.  Mike has been with us since pretty near Day One.  His development as a songwriter, and as a producer, has been fun to witness. Plus, it is always a fun time to sit and talk with Mike. We always end up with at least one sillly photo.

Jim Ballard

Bethel native Jim Ballard sits down with me as he recollects the trip back into Bethel, and being exposed to the Woodstock and Hippie culture after his time away in the military.

Listen to his experience as he recounts that the festival was more than just on the grounds - it was the whole town! From the people camping out on lawns and neighboring fields, to the townspeople who all assisted in feeding and sheltering the new visitors, Jim discusses the camaraderie that the festival brought the Bethel area!

Molly Durnin

Local 518 singer-songwriter, Molly Durnin now lives in Davenport, IA, but luckily for us, she swings back home for some vacation time at her camp in the Adirondacks. While here, she stopped by to play some new songs for us.

Molly has a couple local shows this week and next week, too. Tomorrow (August 16), she's at Molly O'Brien's in Albany, and on the 24th, she's at Brunswick BBQ.

Kevin McKrell at WEXT

Singer-songwriter extraordinaire, Kevin McKrell dropped by to talk about new songs, a new album (don't ask), and some shows he has coming toward the end of August and in early September. He'll be playing shows with Donnybrook Fair and with his band The McKrells

Donnybrook Fair plays August 30 (Parting Glass) and 31 (Scottish Games, Altamont Fairgrounds) and September 1 (Parting Glass)

Kevin McKrell with his band at Caffe Lena on September 6th.

Brian Kovelman and Broome Spiro

There is a certain myth that resides with Woodstock that it was this beautiful, mystical gathering.  Woodstock will always live on as one of the pivotal moments of music and cultural history; however, the humanity of the event sometimes gets overlooked.

Sandy McKnight

Sandy McKnight, singer songerwriter and author of the memoir “Kid69,” came in to share some experiences he chronicled in his book.  Only sixteen years old at the time, Sandy travelled to the Woodstock festival looking for adventure!  In his interview he explains his unique perspective of the artists, along with his navigation of the festival and the surrounding area.


Local 518 singer-songwriter Sandy McKnight was a Brooklyn boy in search of a world beyond Bensonhurst.  By 1969, he was 15, and ready for anything - and in the field of people at Woodstock, on the incense-laced streets of the East Village, and amidst Vietnam war demonstrations...

Julie Lomoe

Sometimes people forget to refer to Woodstock as "The Woodstock Music and Art Festival."  Not rock and art aficionado Julie Lomoe!  Julie was one of the art vendors present at the 1969 Festival.  Julie explains her experience showing off her paintings, along with enjoying the music.  

Listen to Julie Lomoe’s interview as she recalls The Who’s "Tommy" performance, getting packed in with the crowds, and how she even got to meet Jimi Hendrix!  


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