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Allison Russell Spreads Her Wings for Solo Album

allison russell at home session 073021.jpg
Allison Russell at Home Session

Allison Russell did not have the happiest of childhoods, to say the least. Some of the things she had to endure would test the strongest of us. And yet, she is one of the most positive humans, and has been able to turn that pain into some of the most beautiful music.

Her creative life and experiences have given us Po'Girl, Birds of Chicago, and Our Native Daughters. It seems as though those have taken her on the path to bring us this new solo album, "Outside Child."

In the interview, we learn of some of the things she had to endure. We learn what "outside child" means. And we hear some beautiful music. Allison says she's learned that she is the hero of her own story, and I feel that is something we should all realize as we live our lives.

Thank you for that, and so much more, Allison!