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Local 518 Marty Wendell Undertakes Risky Business

Marty Wendell at The Round Lake Auditorium
Marty Wendell at The Round Lake Auditorium

Marty Wendell has been playing music professional for 57 years! While it has been a bit risky, He has loved every minute of it. Marty's youthful enthusiasm for the music keeps on keepin' on. Even the pandemic hasn't really slowed him down, even if he thinks it has.

His latest album to be released is "Risky Business." We discuss that a bit, and he plays us a couple of older songs in a session and interview we recorded just outside the Round Lake Auditorium.

Marty and his band will play a show with The Bluebillies at the Round Lake Auditorium on Thursday, August 19th.

** Please note the audio for the second half of the interview (after the two songs) got a bit sketchy due to a failing battery. Note to self... always have spares!

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