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Listen: Marty Wendell Embarks Upon Risky Business

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Marty Wendell and Chris Wienk spend some time chatting about Marty's new album

Surrounded by the pictures of Marty with some of the amazing musicians he has met and worked with, I sat down with Marty Wendellto discuss his new album, "Risky Business."

My math was a bit off, but Marty only gently corrected me when I mentioned it'd been 57 years of making music. His career path was set down when he laid his hands on his first guitar.

In the late 1960's, Marty was chosen to play on the Johnny Cash tour for the "At Folsom Prison" record. Marty has had a long association with some of country music's greats. We in the 518 are proud to have Marty to call our own - and we are overjoyed to share his music with all who will listen.

Marty's CD release party is at Argyle Brewing in Cambridge on Saturday, October 9th.

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