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The Sea The Sea Bring Us In From the Storm

The Sea The Sea at home session
Chuck Costa
The Sea The Sea at home session

Chuck and Mira were looking for a place to call home, and they moved to a family home in our area. Once we met them, the entire Local 518 adopted them. We love these guys!

As The Sea The Sea, Chuck & Mira Costa have charmed us with their amazing talent, and they've made us adoring fans because they are just such nice people. "Stumbling Home," their latest album came out in the pandemic. I credit the album as one of the high points of the past couple of years.

During the pandemic, like other artists, Chuck & Mira set up shop to do live streams and so much more. They've become quite the creative spot in their studio space in Troy. They've been making songs. Lots of songs. And they've been unveiling them on their Patreon page.

This year, they promise a couple EPs of some of these songs, and they are working on a full length record, and possible collaborations, too.

We learned a lot when we sat down with them. Plus, they unveiled a few songs from the first of the EPs for 2022, "I Recorded the Rain For You."

Don't miss The Sea The Sea at Caffe Lena, Saturday, March 12th.

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