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Meet the Legendary Smokey Greene

Smokey Greene
Smokey Greene

When Kevin McKrell mentions Smokey Greene's name, it's with such reverence. I had to ask... "who is Smokey Greene." Kevin proceeded to tell me that Smokey was his long time bass player, Arlin Greene's father. And then told me the story of a guy who was so popular in the area, that he'd play seven nights a week to sold out crowds. He told me of their bluegrass festival jaunts. He told me of the festivals that Smokey created and ran in the Glens Falls area.

So, when this conversation came to an end, I said to Kevin "I have to meet Smokey." I wanted to make sure we had his story recorded and put forth for you to witness.

At 92 years old, Smokey really hasn't slowed much. He will be a bit bashful and say he can't easily play a round of golf much these days, but he's still out there doing that and traveling to Pennsylvania to play a bluegrass festival he's played for decades.

One of the highlights of my career is now getting to know Smokey Greene. Enjoy! And thanks Kevin, Arlin, and of course Smokey - thank you guys for the experience.

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