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Michael Eck Celebrates 40 Years

Michael Eck at WEXT
Michael Eck at WEXT

Our friendship began soon after WEXT began in 2007. Local 518 singer-songwriter Michael Eck, with his encyclopedic knowledge of music has been a go to person when there's any question about songs and their relationship with each other. Michael knows it all, and has written about most of it.

Michael has been performing since his early days on the punk rock scene. I think he said his first song was The Clash "Should I Stay or Should I Go," or something like that.

Michael has written about music professionally for quite some time. He is a voting member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and one of our favorite musicians. The songs he sings. And oh... the stories he tells.

Buckle up! Here we go.

Michael celebrated his 40th anniversary playing live music at Caffe Lena on September 25th.

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