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Hold On Honeys Sing Their Way into the Local 518's Hearts

My friend Johnny Irion said "you've got to hear these women sing.: He said, "they're called Hold On Honeys." He was right, of course. I was totally knocked out. Johnny had them on stage with him at Caffe Lena for a fundraiser. They totally captured my heart.

I may be a bit obsessed. I think I've listened to and watched almost everything available. I thought "I'm ready for this." And yet, when they came in and started singing to warm up, I was a puddle on the floor. I totally melted down. And when they sang their two new originals, one of them for the first time outside of the group, I held my breath for the whole song (or so it seemed). I felt I needed to be so still. And yet, I wanted to rejoice from the tops of those Blue Ridge Mountains they sang about.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you after you have listened.

Find Hold On Honeys on Instagram and Facebook. And definitely go see them live!

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