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Listen: Chris Pierce Breaks His American Silence

Chris Pierce at home session
Chris Pierce at home session

Chris Pierce lost a lot of his hearing when he was just 15 years old. He still has some hearing in his right ear, but his left is totally gone. And yet, this did not deter the ebullient young musician. He gathered his strength to press on thanks to a loving community and his family.

Chris takes that love and turns it back out into the world, and works to find commonality and ways we can all work to understand each other, and to help us move forward - knowing we cannot change the past, acknowledging it is not right, and doing something positive for our future.

Inspiring. Right?

Caffe Lena is bringing Chris Pierce to play his first show on Friday, January 21. It will be a cold night, but as he says in the interview, he's coming all the way from California where it was in the mid-70s the day we spoke. If he can come out into the cold, he hopes we'll be inspired to join him.