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Miko Marks Comes Home to Music

Miko Marks at home interview
Miko Marks at home interview

Miko Marks had begun her musical career with a bang. She was almost immediately hailed as the next biggest star. And she was doing great things, but fighting the uphill battle in country music as not only an independent artist, but a person of color. It was not an easy road.

Miko paused. She took time to be with her family, and with the support of her family, she is back with a vengeance. Her album, "Feel Like Going Home" is burgeoning with soulful country songs, the music that first inspired her to be a musician. Listen as we learn a little of her story, and learn of her fierce determination and her independent path.

Miko Marks is one of my heroes. And when you listen to her and her music, she will become one of yours, too.