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Angelina Valente Showcases New Songs

Angelina Valente
Angelina Valente

Local 518 Angelina Valente performed some new songs for AHA on WMHT-TV. Hear the songs here before her show at the Cock N Bull.

Angelina wrote this for us.

As a songwriter, sometimes you get lucky enough to have certain songs just pour out of you all in one sitting. That was how these songs came to me.

They cascaded out with such ease and truth, my job was easy. All I had to do was get them on paper. For that reason, this trio of songs mean a lot to me. It was a pleasure to play them alongside the consummate JP Hubbs, he brought them to life in a way I didn’t have the vision for myself.

At my show at The Cock ‘n Bull on January 11th, these three songs, among many others, will be featured with a full band. I’ll be joined by JP Hubbs, Matt Griffin, James Gascoyne, and Jon Cantiello, some of my favorite musicians (and overall people) in this area. I’m absolutely honored to share a stage with them. I can’t wait for the audience to hear how they have transformed these songs and made me a better songwriter.

Much love for the year to come,

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