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HerSong: The Future Looks Bright for Tia Victoria

A woman in a radio studio playing a guitar.
Chris Wienk
Tia Victoria 518 Session

Hoping to inspire listeners to find good in the world, local singer songwriter Tia Victoria knew she wanted to be a rock star since she was just three years old. Now a little bit older, Tia continues to pursue her passion for music and during an August sit down with Chris Wienk, reveled she has two albums written and looks forward to recording them very soon.

Over the past few years, Tia has grown interest in her hometown of Albany and Rock n' Roll. Lyrically her music revolves around friendship, loneliness, and personhood. Tia's heavy-acoustic rock sound is similar to that of Ani DiFranco, Soccer Mommy, and Regina Spektor. She hopes that her music makes each listener feel happy to be themselves.