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The Eddies Are Coming, The Eddies Are Coming!

Jim Murphy and Kelly Auricchio from The Eddies
Jim Murphy and Kelly Auricchio from The Eddies

I was never much for awards shows. I always found them to be a little bit fake. Then we began working with the folks who put on The Eddies. I think my about face on awards shows came about when I realized that our good friends in the Local 518 music scene would be honored and celebrated - as they should be.

Now, I look forward to spring time for the coming of The Eddies. It all begins with the Eddies Hall of Fame, and all the sessions to figure out who released what, and who was active in the course of the year in question - in this case 2022.

Jim and Kelly give us some of the inside scoop, and explain the whole process. Fascinating conversation.

Go, Local 518! Go! We'll gather to celebrate your great work and art on April 30th at Proctors, on the main stage. Get your tickets, now.

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