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SIRSY to Play at Opalka Gallery Pop-Up

SIRSY chats about touring and more
Rich & Mel of SIRSY

Whenever I get the chance to hang with Mel & Rich of SIRSY, it's a great day, even if it's just on Zoom. But this Friday, we'll all be able to hang with them in person at the Opalka Gallery Pop-Up Beer Garden (Friday, September 15 from 6-9p).

This Friday, SIRSY is to play with Belle-Skinner, each will get a set, at Opalka Gallery. So, we talked about their favorite moments so far on their summer tour. Both loved playing the Mile of Music Festival in Appleton, WI. Plus, Rich said "Sedona lives up to the hype."

For more on the Opalka Gallery Pop-Up Beer Gardens, visit their site.

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