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Cassandra Kubinski & Jim Mastrianni Create The Saratoga Sessions

Cassandra Kubinski with Jim Mastrianni at Caffe Lena
Megan Mumford
Cassandra Kubinski with Jim Mastrianni at Caffe Lena

Cassandra Kubinski has been making music, performing on stage and more for a number of years. She moved upstate to Saratoga Springs as her base of operation. In the process, she has been discovering just how rich and vibrant the Local 518 music scene.

To create her latest record, "The Saratoga Sessions," she found Jim Mastrianni through her connections at Caffe Lena. Jim brought in the musicians who would help flesh out the songs with band.

Cassandra will perform the full EP and perform with the members of the studio band at Caffe Lena on September 27th.

You can hear our recent 518 Session with Cassandra where she plays a few songs from the EP live in the studio.

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