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Tom Rush Returns to the Eighth Step

Tom Rush in his kitchen
Photo by Karen Gilligan
Tom Rush in his kitchen

I always enjoy the chance to chat with Tom Rush. He may be a legend; he may have discovered folks we also call legends (Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Garth Brooks), but he doesn't act like that's a big deal. In fact, he seems to be bemused by those facts. He acts like those things were sheer happenstance. We know it's not true. We know that Tom did champion those then unknown artists by doing their songs.

Tom promises us a new album, and if you go to the Eighth Step show on Saturday, October 14th, you're bound to hear a few of the new songs. Plus, as Tom says in the interview, you'll get to witness a great young artist he's bringing along, Seth Glier.

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