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Peter Mulvey: Musician and Activist

Peter Mulvey is out on his Totality Tour. Apparently just by shear luck, he is traveling along the path of totality for the 2024 total solar eclipse. He played in Springville, NY on Friday (4/5), plays at Caffe Lena tonight (4/6) and then in Burlington tomorrow (4/7). The total eclipse will pass right over him as he stays the night in Burlington to witness the eclipse on April 8th.

We talked about the tour, about his making music, getting remarried, having a child, learning that he's not the center of life, and loving every minute of this. We also talked about Taylor Swift, his poking the bear with his activism, and how he actually characterizes his "activism." It's always a fun and entertaining conversation with Peter.

Peter Mulvey is at Caffe Lena tonight (4/6) - and he has a show for the Little Folks at 3pm today, too.

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