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This Legend Has a Name: Rhett Tyler

Rhett Tyler photo from Beth Liotta-Tyler
Rhett Tyler photo from Beth Liotta-Tyler

Nine years ago this month, I got to meet a Legend. Yes, with a capital L. His name: Rhett Tyler.

Interesting thing is nine years ago, I had no idea he was a legend. I learned it fairly quickly. And the best part of it was, it's not like Rhett, or anyone around him said "this guy is a legend." You could just tell. He was super humble to talk with. But when that guitar came out... It was all over but the wiping me up off the floor.

In April, I learned of his passing this March (March 12, 2024). He was just 72. I hadn't had chance to have him back in the studio, but I sure remembered the time he came back in 2015. I relistened to the interview with the idea that I would edit it to make sense 9 years later, and to be here after his passing. But as I listened, I couldn't find the places to edit. It just sounded so alive, and so wonderful.

Please listen. Please remember. And keep in mind his friends and family. And maybe go and seek out more of his music. That'd be a great way to honor a Legend.

Keep rockin', Rhett!

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