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Peace March and Violence Awareness Rally

Whenever DJ Hollyw8d reaches out, I know he's (a) gonna hook me up with some groovy music, and (b) likely he's working on another aspect of his "More Music Less Violence" theme. Both are great and worthy.

It's always a fun time! Plus, he brought along one of my new favorite artists - AILA. Trust me, you're going to hear more from her!

Hollyw8d came by to talk about the Peace March and Violence Awareness Rally taking place in Albany's Swinburne Park on Saturday, June 29th. The hashtag #SaveOurYouth says it all. This is an important cause and worth spending a few minutes at least hearing about it to see if there is something you might be able to do to help channel the young children into more positive pursuits.

Find more at Hollyw8d's More Music Less Violence website.

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