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Summer: All Week Long!

Beach Boys Endless Summer album cover (1974)

A Week of Summer Songs!

Get ready to spend a week with us as we celebrate those great songs of summer. Sure we'll have tons of Beach Boys songs, but it won't stop there.  In fact, we'll have two countdowns, one at the beginning of the week and one at the end of the week (June 10-17).

Summer is the best time for crankin' up the tunes! We will crank up a set of summer songs each hour throughout the week, starting June 10th.  On June 10th, join us for a countdown of the 100 Best Beach Boys songs.  June 11 through 16, hear sets of the best summer songs of all time. Then on June 17th, we'll open the flood gate and play one summer song after another, all day into the night.

Listeners voted. We tallied. And the resulting Beach Boys 100 list is here.

Click here for the PDF of the Best Summer Songs.