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Celebrate 50 Years of Progressive Radio & 10 Years of WEXT

"stacks of wax"
Christine Sanley

1967 is coming! When you turn on your radio on Friday, June 9th, don't be alarmed. You will indeed have stepped into a psychedelic time machine.


What was radio like in 1967? There weren't many, but the cool progressive stations were just getting started, Monterey International Pop took place that June, and it launched a summer of migration - the Summer of Love. Come along as we relive those heady months of 50 years ago.


Haight & Ashbury
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This summer, as WEXT celebrates ten great years of listener-supported music, we also celebrate our true beginnings. In 1967, the FM dial began to be a place on radio where the cool, hip DJ's were experimenting. A few radio station owners were allowing these DJ's a few hours a date, usually late at night and on the weekends, where they could play songs that were to become the soundtrack of a generation. At WEXT, we try to live like that everyday as we introduce you to great new music and artists. We play library tracks omitted by, or left by rock radio as it "evolved."


During the week-long celebration, we will bring you two nights celebrating the original Monterey International Pop Festival. We will remember the day those radio stations received The Beatles' monumental "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." We will bring 1967 to life on your radio, and we will cap it off with the 100 biggest songs of the year. 


Join us, as we remember 1967!



The Beatles
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