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Remembering Woodstock 1969: Karen Bronson

Happy birthday, Karen!  Or should I say, Happy Birthday on August 15th!  Karen got to celebrate her 18th birthday at the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Festival.  Karen, along with a number of camp counselors from Camp St. Vincent de Paul’s in Monticello, New York, hopped on a bus and travelled as far as they could to Woodstock, before traffic refused to let them go further.

Hear about Karen’s journey to and from Woodstock, along with how her musical pallet was broadened by performances by Richie Havens, Sweetwater, and Ravi Shankar to name a few.  Karen also tackles the perception that Woodstock has to the public, and shares her view on how Woodstock went down.

From a young age, Conor became fascinated by music. Conor recalls being rocked to sleep by his dad to songs such as "Superman (It's Not Easy)" by Five For Fighting and "Carolina on My Mind" by James Taylor. Today, Conor is going wherever the music takes him. He’s currently finishing up a degree in Music Industry at the College of Saint Rose with a concentration in Voice. Conor has worked in live sound, production, promoting, and hospitality, along with being a performer in his own right, but WEXT is his first job in the radio industry, and he feels he has been welcomed in with open arms!