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In May of 1960, Lena and Bill Spencer opened a little coffee shop folk music space in an upstairs loft on Phila Street in Saratoga Springs. Ever since, the venue known as Caffe Lena has become synonymous with music discovery and folk music.As we celebrate the 60 years of vibrant history, we enlisted the help of current executive director, Sarah Craig. She pulled together a list of significant artists who have played in every year of the Caffe's existence, and then added a list of 60 "new" discoveries that made some of their initial in-roads at the Caffe.Listen Thursday nights at 6pm as we showcase a song from one of the years (starting with 1960 and stepping through until we get to 2020). The we play a song by one of the new discovery artists of recent years, including some who have only recently come on the scene.

Caffe Lena 60 Episode 46 2005

We're About 9
We're About 9

Open mic night in Ellicott City, MD creates a new group, and a band claims playing the most number of shows in 24 hours.

This is episode 46 of Caffe Lena: 60 Years of Song.  Thank you to Sarah for this list of songs and artists for the feature.

The members of We’re About 9 met at an open mike night at the Java House in Ellicott City, MD where they quickly identified a chemistry they shared and started singing on each other’s songs. They came up with the name on the spot when they needed a name to go by on a particular night and the name We’re about 9, an intended joke about the band members’ maturity, stuck.

The Burning Hell is the songwriting project of Mathias Kom. During the band’s first few years, the members fluctuated from album to album and tour to tour and instrumentation changed based on what instruments his friends played. They claim the unofficial world record for playing the most shows in different countries in a day after playing 10 shows between the Netherlands and Slovenia in 24 hours back in 2012.

Caffe Lena: 60 Years of Song, a production of WEXT Radio.