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In May of 1960, Lena and Bill Spencer opened a little coffee shop folk music space in an upstairs loft on Phila Street in Saratoga Springs. Ever since, the venue known as Caffe Lena has become synonymous with music discovery and folk music.As we celebrate the 60 years of vibrant history, we enlisted the help of current executive director, Sarah Craig. She pulled together a list of significant artists who have played in every year of the Caffe's existence, and then added a list of 60 "new" discoveries that made some of their initial in-roads at the Caffe.Listen Thursday nights at 6pm as we showcase a song from one of the years (starting with 1960 and stepping through until we get to 2020). The we play a song by one of the new discovery artists of recent years, including some who have only recently come on the scene.

Caffe Lena 60 Episode 60

Why retire when you can keep playing great music into your 80s!  And be careful about betting. You might just lose.

This is episode 60 of Caffe Lena: 60 Years of Song. Thank you to Sarah at the Caffe for the list of songs and artists for the feature.

Doc Severinsen hasn’t been seen or heard on TV since Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show ended in 1992. But he is one of the least retired 85 year olds. He met the members of San Miguel 5 in Mexico when he thought he was going to retire. He wound up sitting with the band and then touring with the group.

J. S. Ondara can trace his entire career back to a bad bet. As a teenager in Nairobi Kenya, he once swore to a friend that the song “Knockin on Heaven’s Door” was written by his favorite band Guns N Roses and not by someone named Bob Dylan. After losing the bet, he discovered Dylan, memorized much of his catalog, and began to research the history of American folk music.

Caffe Lena: 60 Years of Song, a production of WEXT Radio.