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The Top Local 518 Songs of 2022

Local 518 Show

Dave and Andy counted down the Top 60 of the Local 518 for 2022. Here's a PDF of the Top 97 for the year. Click here for the PDF.

A stellar year of music in the Local 518 with Jocelyn & Chris topping the chart in 2022.

1Run AwayJocelyn & Chris
2Squid TattooSean Rowe
3Heartbeat on the FiveBuggy Jive
4You Are My LightSuper 400
5GoneMike Grutka
6Coming Back to MeMaswick & Brown
7TurnaroundAnnie In the Water
8Cried Like A BabyRory Block
9TumultuousRiver Costa
10No. 1Hasty Page