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'Band Boy' Sandy McKnight Brings His Musical Ambitions to The Big Screen


In the 70s, Sandy McKnight was an in-demand bassist playing with NYC-based bands Numbers, The Coupons, Spitfire Boys, The Truants, and others.

By the 1980s, McKnight was working with big name artists as a session player. He moved to Hollywood, California and opened a production company and composed music for TV and film. His infections songs have permeated WEXT's airwaves for years. Now, Sandy is taking his (mostly) true story to the big screen in a movie about a band with big ambition.

"Band Boy" centers on McKnight's experiences in the rock and roll world in mid-80's in New York City and follows four young musicians on the road in pursuit of success. Twelve songs were written and recorded at Overit Studios in Albany for the film. Hear Sandy and Albany-based actor Mary Liz Adams chat with Dave Michaels about the film.

Public screenings of "Band Boy" are coming to Pittsfield, Great Barrington, New York City and Los Angeles. The Albany premiere is June 25th at the Madison Theatre.