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HerSong: A Lookback at Lonesome Val

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Bar/None Records

Country singer songwriter "Lonesome" Val Haynes can trace her roots back to the Albany music scene. Before launching her solo career, Haynes was the frontwoman for local rock band, Fear of Strangers, which opened for acts like REM and The Police.

Following the breakup of the band, Val moved to the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood in New York City pursuing something new, something authentic. Just when she was about to hang up her guitar for good she was invited to a living room session with Suzzy Roche and Val's short lived solo music career launched from there. Releasing two albums in the early nineties, peers of Haynes including Elvis Costello compared her style to that of revolutionary pop-country artist Patsy Cline.

Today Lonesome Val reunites with her former bandmates on occasion, performing at local 518 venues.