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Michael Eck Discusses The 2021 Rock Hall Nominations

Michael Eck n Chris Wienk Rock Hall 2021
Michael Eck talks with Chris Wienk

Local 518 musician Michael Eck writes about music and more for Breedlove Guitars and many other sources. Plus, he is a Jug Stomper and a Lost Radio Rounder, and... Yea, you get the idea; Michael is quite the Renaissance guy.

You may not know this, but he's also a voting member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For seven years, Michael has been receiving the list of nominations with a different perspective than you and I. Well, we know what we would do if we could vote, but Michael gets to vote on the list.

Find this year's list at the Rock Hall website. And have a listen to see what Michael thinks about this year's slate. We may even get him to dish on one of his votes (a first!).