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Listen: At Home with WEXT - Mira Goto

mira goto session 02.jpg
Mira Goto
Mira Goto playing songs for her #AtHomeSession

California singer-songwriter, Mira Goto first came to our attention when we saw her doing a song with our friend Marc Broussard. (Check out "Next Life.") Like Marc, we were impressed with her lovely and powerful voice. Then as we dug a little deeper, we heard some really great songs she had been writing.

Here EP, "Nobody Warned Me" came out during the pandemic at the end of 2020. The song was one that captured our hearts. She talks about that song, and plays a few other songs, including one of her newer "pandemic" songs called "Crazy Times." Her other pandemic song is not safe for radio, and may offend some with its language. Others will find the song "Lose My..." fun and relatable. Keep rockin', Mira!

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