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Listen: At Home with Acclaimed UK Bluesman Jack Broadbent

Dave Michaels

On each album, Jack Broadbent is used to people saying, “Oh, this is a departure from your previous stuff.” That’s something the British-born singer, songwriter and guitarist has heard to varying degrees, over the course of his six albums to date, and is certainly fitting of his latest release, RIDE. As someone who is as connected to the quality of his relationships with people as he is to the quality of his music, rest assured he considers that a compliment.

I think there’s a lot of variety on my records. This is no different,” Jack says. “I’m really getting a sense now that this idea of genre and where you fit in is not as important as it used to be — which I think is good.”

In this At Home Live@EXT Session, Jack tells Dave Michaels about his dad's musical influence on him, playing alongside him on stage and on record. Jack played a lot of folk and rock music well into his 20's before becoming obsessed with the blues.
We also hear Jack in performance at the 2019 Montreal Blues Festival.