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Listen: Sibling Rockers Jocelyn & Chris Live@EXT

Every cloud, no matter how dark, may just have a silver lining. Sibling rockers Jocelyn & Chris have been dancing in the rain for more than a decade, weathering every storm together. And as they prepare to release their eighth album Favorite Ghosts, they’ll emerge from the dark clouds of 2020 with a ferociously original work that might just be bottled modern-rock lightning.

We’ve always written music together, and then we hit the road to support it. That’s just what we do,” Chris explains. “To have the world health circumstance take that away so suddenly… it really gave us appreciation for something we’d taken for granted. It also offered the opportunity to reflect.” Instead of falling idle, the siblings used this newfound time to reevaluate and reimagine their writing, embracing a chance to create the most authentic, meaningful songs of their career.

When the dust settled, we really knew what felt right and what didn’t,” Jocelyn adds. “Because we’d had so much unexpected time to really live with each song, we were able to get uncomfortable and then find our way back to comfort.

My Favorite Ghost,” the album’s evocative title track, opened the door for what the ten songs on Favorite Ghosts would ultimately become. “We had this idea for this really stark song, and we weren’t sure if we would be able to pull it off,” Jocelyn recalls. But there was an immediacy to the song that just felt right. It met the moment, and in doing so, it foreshadowed the raw, genre-spanning emotion that would come to mark the rest of the record as well. “When we listened to it come together – that song is a perfect distillation of what I think our songwriting is. That let me know this was going to be a hell of a record.

We catch up with Jocelyn & Chris in the WEXT studio to talk about the new album and are treated to stripped-down acoustic performances of "Sugar and Spice," "Popcorn," and "Run Away."

Favorite Ghosts will be released on vinyl and digital on 6/17/22.

Don't miss the official record release show at Putnam Placein Saratoga Springs, August 13th.