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Listen: JoAnn Sifo of Local 518 Dyer Switch Band on New "Original" Album and Record Release Show

"I believe we are the longest-running bluegrass band in the Northeast," says JoAnn Sifo, lead singer and musician in Dyer Switch Band. "I hope we know what we're doing by now!"

Performing since 1992, Dyer Switch Band plays hard-driving traditional, original and unique bluegrass and acoustic music. And each member plays with passion. JoAnn and her fellow bandmates Bob Bates, Chris Schultz and Brue Barker have been inducted into the New York State Country Music Hall of Fame and nominated for five consecutive years as Bluegrass Band of the Year by the Northeast Country Music Association.

The group's sixth album, Original, (out 6/30) contains 16 original songs and features knockout guest performances from Kevin Maul, Brian Patneaud, Bryan Brundige and Jimmy Senese. Come to Round Lake Auditorium on Thursday, June 30th for the official record-release show!

In this At-Home Session, hear "From the Devil's Girth," "When Daylight Comes," and "In The Make Up Room" from the new album, Original.