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"Full Moon Radio" and Its Author Stuart Bartow Break the Silence


full moon radio
tree toads
chirupping their one song

lightning bugs drifting
to the bug zapper
her overdose

one me
looking at the hills
another wandering there

Author Stuart Bartow from Salem, New York just released his latest book of Haiku called, "Full Moon Radio." Here, he chats with Dave Michaels about his work and what motivates and inspires his writing.

Bartow is also a founder of and has chaired the Battenkill Conservancy, an environmental non-profit organization that works to promote clean water and open space along the Battenkill watershed, for 18 years. Every Memorial Day weekend, the Battenkill Conservancy hosts the Battenkill Runs Through It River Festival at Battenkill Riverside Park in Greenwich that WEXT is proud to be a part of.