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The Local 518 at Tulip Fest 2022

City of Albany
City of Albany

LOCAL 518 STAGE May 7th
Washington Park Lakehouse Stage

1:00p.m. – Hanzolo: is a 7-piece band from Upstate New York, toting an explosive and emotional sound that mixes soul, jazz, rock, and funk. Their songs are dance-ably fun with thoughtful lyrics, backed up by a bright horn section. They have opened for bands like Lawrence, Wild Belle, and *repeat repeat.

2:15p.m. – Canella: Canella brings a Latin spice to her indie folk-rock style. With some pop influences, her songwriting is full of intricate melodies that tell stories of existentialism and share intimate thoughts. Born and raised in Colombia, but listening to 70’s and 90’s rock, Canella dove deeper into her solo songwriting career, utilizing her influences from former Albany local band Waitress, and implementing these elements into her more personal sound.

3:30p.m. – B. Chaps and Freedom Stratton: Freedom Stratton: Freedom Stratton does it all he's a singer, dancer, actor and model! B. Chaps: Vibes and good times from Albany, NY! Hip Hop/alternative with a dose of jazz.

4:45p.m. – E.R.I.E: came on to the Albany, NY scene in 2020, the week a global pandemic began to rear its ugly head. What began as a passion project developed while singer/songwriter TJ Foster was unexpectedly laid up in a hospital bed for three days, has turned into a fully-formed quartet, winning over audiences with their catchy songs and energetic live performances.

LOCAL 518 STAGE May 8th

1:00p.m. – Kyla Silk: R&B singer Kyla Silk has a soulful voice reminiscent of the OGs Carole King and Janis Joplin, as well as modern influences like Alicia Keys.

2:15p.m. – SIDE - B: Four-piece alternative rock band from Upstate New York consisting of drummer Dylan Travison, bassist Eric Mitchell, guitarist AJ Horton, and vocalist Ian Justino.

3:30p.m. – Kieran Rhodes: Kieran Rhodes is an accomplished performer, songwriter, pianist and vocalist. He currently studies songwriting and piano at the esteemed Berklee College of Music. Kieran is from Burnt Hills, New York. As a songwriter, he has released multiple songs under his name which can be found on all streaming platforms. Kieran also has experience writing songs for television. His most recent project being a co-writer on a song for The Food Network's "Restaurant Impossible."

4:45p.m. – Playin’ with Fire: is a vibrant and powerful Performance Act capturing seamless tributes to every song that audiences love. Led by an irresistible, energetic female vocalist and dynamic male singer/guitarist, the band handles music from Rock, Pop, Country and Blues with astonishing accuracy. Crowd pleasing originals, harmonies and engaging personalities make the Playin' with Fire Band a sure "fire" hit for any event. The 5 person band includes professional musicians (drums, bass, lead guitar) who have performed with major recording artists across the nation. Kim was also a 2021 Thomas Edison Music Award Nominee for Songwriter of the Year.