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Happy Birthday, Joni! Love, Buggy Jive

Buggy Jive at Caffe Lena playing and singing
Buggy Jive
Buggy Jive at Joni Mitchell Tribute at Caffe Lena

Buggy Jive took part in a Joni Mitchell tribute at Caffe Lena, and sent us this to share with you.

Happy Joni Mitchell's Birthday to all who celebrate!

I sneaked this original song, "What Would Joni Do," into my set at Caffe's Lena's recent Joni Mitchell tribute show. It was a glorious evening, curated by local legend Michael Eck and featuring wonderful Joni covers by Local 518 artists Kate McKrell, Sara Ayers, Rosanne Raneri and Kate McDonnell.

Happy birthday, Joni! Thanks for everything – the life lessons, the lyrics, the love.

Buggy Jive