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May Pang Showcases Candid Photos of John Lennon in Guilderland

May Pang, John Lennon’s companion & lover during his “Lost Weekend” era will showcase her candid photos of Lennon at a special two-day free exhibition at Artforms Gallery in Guilderland on Tuesday, June 25 and Wednesday, June 26.

The exhibition entitled “The Lost Weekend: The Photography of May Pang” coincides with the recent digital release of the feature film documentary on Lennon and Pang “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story.”

Few people knew John Lennon as intimately as May Pang. Pang was Lennon’s lover during the infamous “Lost Weekend” which lasted 18 months during late 1973 through 1975. During this highly creative time for Lennon, Pang took candid photos of Lennon in a comfortable, relaxed environment. A collection of these private photographs will be on display and available for purchase at Artforms Gallery, 2050 Western Avenue in Guilderland, NY, on Tuesday, June 25 & Wednesday, June 26. Admission to the exhibit is free to the public. All works are available to purchase - See John Lennon as May saw him!

May Pang will be in attendance at Artforms Gallery, meeting customers and telling stories behind these amazing limited-edition photographs for sale of John Lennon.

Take a listen to May as she shares some stories of John with Dave Michaels ahead of the event.