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Celebrating 25 Years of Super 400

It all started with a 45-minute jam in early 1996. And when it was over, Kenny Hohman, Lori Friday and Joe Daley knew that they had just bore witness to something magical and launched Super 400.

The Trojan trio would go on to make one live and four studio albums together, and become the 518's rock ambassadors to the world.

In this 25-year retrospective interview, bassist Lori Friday tells us about that first jam, the taste of major label success and it's misfortunes, recording at famed Ardent Studios in Memphis and working with the legendary Klaus Voormann. Lori and husband/singer/guitarist Kenny Hohman along with guitar great Graham Tichy started The Troy Music Academy in 2011 to stay musically active after Lori was severely hurt in an auto accident. The DIY band, still very much active, plan on releasing outtakes, demos and a new record in the near future.

Tune in to WEXT on Friday, November 12th to hear 25 super songs back-to-back!

Friday night, join Super 400 with special guests Sten & Maria Z for a hometown show at The Hangar on the Hudson in Troy! For information and tickets, visit this link.