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Public Radio Music Day 2022

Non-Comm Music Alliance

Wednesday is Public Radio Music Day! It's a day when we celebrate stations like WEXT. WEXT was built to help listeners discover great new music, and hear significant but often overlooked music from rock and roll's past. Plus, we made it our business to amplify the voices of the Local 518 musicians and the music scene.

This year for Public Radio Music Day, the goal is "discovering the sound of local communities." So, we are planning to play songs from the Local 518 - from each of the 15 years we've been on the air. Each hour (5a-8p), we will play songs from each year, starting with 2021 and going backward to 2007.

At 8pm, we will feature two sessions from new, rising stars of the Local 518 scene - Reese Fulmer and Hold On Honeys.

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Thank you for your support!