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The 'White Limousine' from Duncan Sheik

Duncan Sheik.
Duncan Sheik.

Widely known for his chart-topping hit "Barely Breathing," Duncan Sheik traverses new ground with White Limousine. Among his most ambitious work to date, the album is innovative in both content and design.

White Limousine comes with two discs, one labeled "MINE," the other "YOURS" -- a DVD that allows listeners to remix and re-imagine Sheik's songs. The interactive, do-it-yourself attitude of the album reflects its genesis: Recorded without a record deal, the work has since been picked up by Rounder's Zoe imprint.

The CD reflects many of the changes the singer himself has undergone. Raised in a conservative Catholic family, Sheik became a Buddhist 16 years ago after growing up Catholic. As for his music, it has continued to develop since his days at Brown University, where he sometimes played with fellow singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb.

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