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Sun's Signature, 'Golden Air'

Elizabeth Fraser pumped air through the music of Cocteau Twins — yes, there was a lightness, but more of a cosmic thrust to her voice. Since the 4AD-signed dream-pop band broke up in 1997, Fraser has worked with The Future Sounds of London and Peter Gabriel, and sung on soundtracks like The Lord of the Rings. But her longest collaboration continues to be with Massive Attack — producing perfect singles such as "Teardrop" and touring together — and one of its members, Damon Reece, her partner in life as well as music.

Fraser returns with her first new music in 13 years, with Reece, as Sun's Signature. "Golden Air," from the duo's self-titled debut EP out June 18, is a pastoral romp painted in pastels. Ornately gliding around her voice like sonic rococo, the acoustic-driven arrangement unlocks aurora as densely sumptuous layers of swelling strings, water-dripped synths, psychedelic guitar and rushing drums ignite a rapturous performance by Fraser.

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