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Katie Bejsiuk, 'Onion Grass'

You ever miss someone's voice? Katie Bejsiuk's hush doesn't so much sing secrets as usher small revelations out of the fog. As Katie Bennett, she was the primary songwriter behind the indie-pop group Free Cake for Every Creature, which disbanded in 2019. Since then, she's taken time to teach, write and create, but hasn't released music besides a LVL UP cover. (In a full-circle twee event, Mirah took on Free Cake's "Around You" on the same compilation.)

Now performing as Katie Bejsiuk, a surname passed down from her Ukrainian family, a subtle transformation occurs: That hush remains, but more assured. "Onion Grass," from The Woman on the Moon (out June 24), retains the bedroom intimacy of Free Cake — a breathy voice accompanied by softly strummed acoustic guitar — but introduces a noisy guitar twang that adds a sepia-toned static to Bejsiuk's vivid images of domestic bliss amid uncertainty.

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