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Viv & Riley, 'Is It All Over'

"Is It All Over" is a folk anthem for a dystopian near future. Viv & Riley contrast a science-fiction backdrop with the decidedly analog experience of the people inhabiting it. Taking a spare, fingerpicked guitar melody and layering reverb, steel guitar and effects via MPC, Riley Calcagno sings lead as Vivian Leva adds harmony vocals in this futuristic tale that doubles as sardonic commentary on our current day.

Produced by Alex Bingham of Hiss Golden Messenger, Viv & Riley took inspiration from the recent space race of billionaires like Jeff Bezos and imagined its logical progression, singing, "Yes sir I can't wait to mine / For lithium in the name of Prime / Yes ma'am if I get enough / Then I'll come back and I'll make you mine." A future with mining operations on the moon or Mars may still seem far away; however, Viv & Riley bring it into plain view, making the scene all the more believable for its foundation in our current narrative of widespread exploitation and inequality.

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Joe Kendrick