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Spring Summer, 'Mountaineer'

Wrapping heartbreak in bravado and packing unconditional love with goodbyes, Spring Summer's Jennifer Furches scales the peaks alone in "Mountaineer." The song comes from the band's new album, T.E.A.R.S, produced by Warpaint's Jenny lee Lindberg and out July 15. Fans of Julee Cruise, Echo & the Bunnymen and Juno-60 synth lines will thrill to arrive at the scenic vistas of the song's reverb-drenched chorus: "I am tough as nails, I am a mountaineer / I will climb these jagged peaks and leave the valleys for you, dear." Starting with minimal and deliberate verses at its foundation and contrasting piano and synthesizer to match its push and pull of emotions, "Mountaineer" reaches skyward with Furches' clarion vocals.

Furches, a North Carolina native who now lives in San Francisco, spent years playing with artists like Ben Lee, Cass McCombs and Coconut Records before taking time off to raise three children. "Mountaineer" began as one of many quick demos she recorded during that decade, only recently to become fully realized songs: "I started collecting those pieces and building them up into songs," she says, "and it slowly led me back to a huge part of myself I thought was lost."

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