Andy Gregory

Host/Producer, The Local 518 Show

Andy Gregory is a Capital Region native, architectural design professional, and supporter of the local arts. During the day he helps manage construction design and building projects for clients. Most other times he can be found supporting the local musicians in almost any way possible.

As a contributing writer and reporter-at-large to the Albany, NY Times Union local music blog, Andy has provided reports, reviews and commentary on various local music scene musicians, bands, and events.

Andy has been co-host to Mike Guzzo on CRUMBS Café. CRUMBS is short for Capital Region Ultimate Musicians and Band Site – a website geared toward providing resources and features for local musicians. The half-hour podcast/radio show, heard on WEXT, features local bands and musicians that stop into the CRUMBS Studio for an interview and perform a (mostly) acoustic set of original songs.

As a service to even the most casual local music fan, Andy has provided quarterly reports on videos and recordings released by Capital Region musicians, bands, and artists through the CRUMBS Local Music blog at the Albany Times Union website.

Andy played guitar, sang and managed a few bands from high school on, until tendonitis severely curtailed that activity. Andy still has his favorite Les Paul and keeps a Taylor GS Mini ready to go, for when he gets the urge break out a few riffs – or at least for when he might get “the call”.

Andy attends as many local music shows as he can, whether at a house concert, in local clubs and big boxes, and festivals. Over the years, Andy has contributed to over a hundred local arts projects, whether directly or through funding platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Sellaband, and PledgeMusic.

When asked what Andy’s favorite part of having a place in the local music scene, he says “It allows me to be able to help, in some small way, local bands, artists and singer/songwriters achieve success in what they love to do. Whether making the big time or just having music as a successful career choice. Also, the camaraderie can be a lot of fun!”

Ways to Connect

Mother Flag Country

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm (and Saturday at 6pm) for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. There's music by Ray Murray and the Bomb Squad, Eastern Electric, The North & South Dakotas, Jasper, Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band, and Jim Gaudet and The Railroad Boys.  PLUS an ‎Attic Classic‬ from Mother, Flag & Country - a band that parted ways in 1976, getting together 35 years later to finally record their album "Taking A Mulligan."

Hear the Local 518 show all over again, each week.

Hear the Local 518 Show with Andy Gregory - Thursdays at 11pm and Saturdays at 6pm.

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ARC Raised on Social Posture

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm (and Saturday at 6pm) for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. He's got music by Small Town Glow (formerly Gusto), Eric Margan, Jason Martin, Hasty Page, The LateShift, and Lost Radio Rounders PLUS an ‎Attic Classic‬ from 'Raised on Social Posture' by ARC - proclaimed by Metroland (#RIP) as best in 2001. 

The Tang/Michael Janairo

Here's a note from our Local 518 DJ, Andy Gregory:

Happy #518 Day!


Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm (and Saturday at 6p) for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. He's got music by The Black Ships, Sandy McKnight, Cosby Gibson, The Lustre Kings, Dyer Switch Band, and Huxtable Christensen & Hood. PLUS an ‎Attic Classic‬ deep cut by Blotto.