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Caffe Lena 60 Episode 35 1994

Lou & Peter Berryman
Lou & Peter Berryman

Transporting a harpsichord across a continent by train, and spending Canadian Tire money on making an album.

This is episode 35 of Caffe Lena: 60 Years of Song. Thank you to Sarah at the Caffe for the list of songs and artists for the feature.

Lou and Peter Berryman met in high school. They graduated in 1965 and started performing as a duo. A few years later, they were married and moved from Wisconsin to Vancouver, lugging a harpsichord Lou built while crossing the continent on a train. The marriage may not have lasted but they continue playing music together.

Corin Raymond’s songs are very Canadian, slightly apocalyptic and suggest criminal activity. His song “Don’t Spend it Honey” mentions Canadian Tire money and in 2012 he announced a campaign to raise funds for a new album after fans spontaneously started giving it to him at live shows. The album was released in 2013.

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