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Caffe Lena 60 Episode 59

A wedding band turns into a touring band known for bluegrass Beatles covers, and a musical act from an island town of 900 with roots in Radiohead and Tom Waits.

This is episode 59 of Caffe Lena: 60 Years of Song. Thank you to Sarah at the Caffe for the list of songs and artists for the feature.

Lonely Heartstring Band was born as a wedding band, hired for one wedding to play only Beatles repertoire on bluegrass instruments. They started exploring other sounds and original songs within the group but that initial flame of the Beatles was indicative of the band’s love of songs, arrangements, and music that feels good.

The members of Fish & Bird grew up together on a remote island off the west coast of British Columbia with a population of 900. They were raised on equal parts roots music and Radiohead and their name comes from a Tom Waits song.

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