BTS and Korean Boy Bands of KPOP

Mar 26, 2019

The notion of unknowns doing what they had to do to become stars. It's as long as time.

New York Times best-selling author Marc Shapiro has been writing books on pop culture for many years. He's written about stars like Susan Sarandon, Adele, Santana, George Harrison, Justin Bieber, and now has written about BTS and the phenomenon called K-Pop.

His latest book is called "Burn The Stage: The Rise of BTS and Korean Boy Bands," and is a fascinating look at the culture that has created K-Pop, and the big business of a Korean Boy Band.  It is very interesting to learn that while still manufactured, BTS was originally conceived to be slightly more substantive than the sugary pop of the typical Korean Boy Band.

I got to speak with Marc about BTS and K-Pop, and it sure has opened my eyes, and ears.

Find Marc's book here.