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Listen: At Home with WEXT - Becky Warren

Becky Warren
Becky Warren At Home taping

Becky Warren's last two albums were very outward looking. She took on social causes that are important to her. Her first solo album, "War Surplus" was my favorite album of 2016.  It dealt with PTSD and other issues facing our returning vets and their families.  "Undesirable," her second album looked at the stories and issues facing the homeless in Nashville.

For her third album, she intended to tell the stories of others again, but life threw Becky a curveball.  Faced with depression more serious than she ever had had before, Becky couldn't even leave the house.  Once she was able to start getting things under control, the songs that she had begun writing were more personal. They were about her and the depths of depression.

She is feeling better now. She has things more under control.  And now, she's speaking out to let us all know how best to talk with and help people who are facing that depth.  And her new album chronicles the lowest lows and highs, and yet has an anthemic quality.  It's one of my favorites of 2020. It's called "The Sick Season."  Have a listen to our conversation.