Listen: Live @ EXT Dana Fuchs

Jun 6, 2018

Dana Fuchs has never dealt in nostalgia. For this questing artist, it’s not about the rear-view but the road ahead. The next song. The next session. Tonight’s show and tomorrow’s bus ride. But as Dana sheds her musical skin with her triumphant fourth album Love Lives On, it seems a fitting juncture to rewind the reels and thumb a backstory as compelling as any in rock ‘n’ roll. This life and times doesn’t always make for easy reading. The triumphs are laced by tragedy, ugliness, injustice. But whatever the obstacles, music and love have been the beacons that guide her on.

Dana (with bandmate and guitarist Jon Diamond) dropped by WEXT to chat with Dave Michaels and play some songs from her new album.  Dana tells Dave about her road of self-discovery; from singing in a church gospel choir as a young girl to being introduced to her guitarist and immersing herself in the role of Janis Joplin in the off-Broadway play, Love Janis.  

Out of darkness comes light. And out of that fascinating early career emerges an older, wiser Dana Fuchs, armed with the album of her life. New label. New studio. New sound. New possibilities for an artist who has so far only hinted at her potential.