Listen: Taina Asili Reminds Us Of Our Resilience

Apr 10, 2019

Local 518 songwriter, band leader, and activist Taina Asili has received national acclaim for her music; most recently for her single No Es Mi Presidente released in 2017. Now she is back with a full length album Resiliencia where she has taken herself out of the spotlight. This time around instead of writing soley from her own experiences she took this album as a tool for others to speak their truths and stories.

Intervieiwing women ranging from immigrants, artists, farmers, authors, relatives, professional sitar player, and more with her writing partner Gaetano Vaccaro. With all the women from all these different walks of life she found a common theme in their lives, resilience. Taina and Gaetano speak with Eva about being a voice for these stories, how their documentary with the same title relates to this new work of art, and the current political climate. 

Resiliencia is due out April 19th, and catch Taina Asili performing in a few shows coming up in the area!